Here are some examples of projects that Marcello has carried out since he started his adventure as an independent consultant

Disclaimer: Figures are from publications and they are not related to the specific projects

North Africa exploration project

  • Large-size Canadian operator

  • Long-term project

  • Early exploration phase

  • Carbonate targets

  • 3D seismic, well logs and analogs

  • Extensive and continuous collaboration with the operator’s regional exploration team

An extensive investigation of an underexplored basin was carried out and several carbonate prospects were recognized, mapped and characterized through the integration of 3D seismic, petrophysical logs, vintage well reports and producing analogs

Seismic facies were calibrated through the few wells available and a reliable geologic model was built

Furthermore, a forward depositional model was created, inferring and describing the sedimentation process in time of reservoir and seal rocks 

Finally, through the selection and study of nearby and worldwide analogs, along with a focused seismic attribute analysis, reservoir and seal quality and distribution were determined and risked

Full assistance was provided to the client during internal peer reviews focusing both on prospect evaluation and reservoir/seal risk definition. 

High satisfaction regarding the work performed was expressed by the client.

Middle East
Thin section study and reservoir characterization

  • Middle East operator

  • Petrographic/sedimentological description

  • Diagenetic evolution reconstruction

  • Reservoir parameter estimation

Although we usually work at a prospect/basin scale, we think that an explorer should also have a background in reservoir characterization because, at the end of the day, a reservoir is one of the key elements that we look for when we are exploring. 

125 thin sections of Mesozoic and Paleozoic carbonate reservoirs coming from a producing field in the Middle East were analyzed and the following products were delivered:

Petrographic description

Diagenetic products and processes

Pore system and reservoir quality

Knowlah project

  • E-learning training platform for O&G professionals

We were honored to be chosen by Badley Ashton as the provider of the training course on seismic interpretation of carbonates within the Knowlah project.

This is a synthetic, one-day version of our official course, which was recorded as an audio powerpoint presentation and loaded on the Knowlah e-learning training platform, along with courses of other E&P disciplines.

Training in the Southeast

  • Thai national O&G company PTTEP

  • 3 day training course

  • Internal case studies of exploration and development of carbonate fields

We have really enjoyed teaching our course “Seismic interpretation of carbonates applied to HC exploration and development” to PTTEP. It was a 3 day live remote training, split into 6 sessions for time zone reasons, which also included a very interactive final session in which several internal exploration and development projects involving carbonates were analyzed and discussed. We have to thank the Knowlah team for putting us in touch with the client and for assisting with the course logistics.